The Weekend - Happy Hour(0071)

A:  Hey man, what do you have on tap?
B:  Heineken and Budweiser. We have a two-for-one happy hour special.
A:  Cool, gimme a pint of Heineken and half a pint of Bud.
B:  Okay...A pint of Heineken and and half a pint of bud for table six! And what about some appetizers?
A:  Sure! Let's have some nachos and mozzarella sticks.
B:  Okay. That'll be 80 bucks.
A:  Wait... What!

Key Vocabulary

buckcommon noun, pluraldollar (informal)
phrasefried Italian cheese
nachoscommon noun, plurala dish with tortilla chips and melted cheese cooked together
appetizercommon noun, plurala small dish served before meal
pintcommon noun, singulara measuring unit which is equal to 0.473 litres
specialcommon noun, singulara sale; a special price
happy hourphrasea period of time at a bar when drinks are sold cheaper than usual
two-for-onephrasebuy one and take one free
on tapphrasebeer served from a barrel; not in a bottle or can

Supplementary Vocabulary

drinks listcommon noun, singulara menu or list of drinks served in a restaurant or bar
common noun, singulara relaxed, casual bar where beer is served
common noun, singularalcoholic drink made from one or more liqueur and other ingredients
liqueurcommon noun, singularstrong alcohol drink such as gin, rum, vodka, etc
bar stoolcommon noun, singulara chair with no back used for sitting on at a bar