Daily Life - Going To The Dentist(0075)

A:  Hey, Gary, great to see you again. Please have a seat. So tell me, what seems to be the problem?
B:  Thanks, doc. I've got a really bad toothache! I can't eat anything, and look, my face is all swollen. I think it might be my wisdom tooth.
A:  Well, let's have a look. Open wide. Hmm... this doesn't look good. Well, it looks like you have a cavity and your crown is loose. We'll need to put in a filling before it gets any worse, and the crown probably needs to be refitted. I'm going to order some x-rays.
B:  Is it gonna hurt?
A:  No, not at all! Just lay back and relax.
A:  Ok, spit.

Key Vocabulary

have a seatphrasesit down
toothachecommon noun, singulartooth pain
swollenAdjectivesome parts are bigger than others due to a certain disease
wisdom toothcommon noun, singularbig tooth at the back of your mouth which grows in one's adulthood
have a lookphrasetake a glance
cavitycommon noun, singulara hole in a tooth
crowncommon noun, singularthe part of the tooth which can be seen
fillingcommon noun, singularsomething that fills the hole of the tooth
x-rayscommon noun, plurala medical examination that takes a picture of your bones

Supplementary Vocabulary

flossverbto use a thin thread or string to clean between your teeth
mouthwashcommon noun, singulara liquid that is used to clean your mouth and teeth and to make your breath smell better
gingivitiscommon noun, singulara disease in which the gums become red, swollen, and sore
plaquecommon noun, singulara thin coating that forms on teeth and contains bacteria
dog breathcommon noun, singularused to describe when somebody has very bad breath