Daily Life - Learning Simple Math(0076)

A:  Alright, children, let's review. Tommy! Pay attention!
B:  Sorry Miss Kadlec.
A:  Okay, Crystal, now tell me, what's four plus eleven?
C:  Um...fifteen!
B:  Miss Kadlec always asks Crystal; she's such a teacher's pet.
A:  Okay...and what about fifty six minus sixty?
C:  Um... negative four!
A:  Very good... twelve times twelve?
B:  Very good. Suck up.
C:  One hundred and forty four!
A:  Zero divided by one?
C:  Zero!
A:  How did you know that? Okay, smarty pants, the square root of two!
B:  Bet you're not going to get that one, know-it-all.
C:  Um...one point four one four two one three five...

Key Vocabulary

reviewverbgo over what have been learned
plusPrepositionadd (+)
teacher's petcommon noun, singularthe student a teacher likes best
minusPrepositiontake away; subtract (-)
timesprinciple verb, present simplemultiply; (x)
suck upcommon noun, singulara person who always tries to make the teacher or boss like him or her
divided byverbseparate to some parts
smarty pantscommon noun, plurala person who tries to show he is so smart
square rootcommon noun, singularthe number got when a number is multiplied by itself
I'll betphraseI think something is likely to happen
know-it-allcommon noun, singularthe person claims or pretends to know everything

Supplementary Vocabulary

equationcommon noun, singulara math problem where each side is equal (3+6=9)
operationcommon noun, singulara mathematical process such as +, x, -, etc.
multiplicationcommon noun, non-variablethe process of adding a number to itself a certain number of times
additioncommon noun, non-variablethe process of adding two numbers together
subtractioncommon noun, non-variablethe process of taking one number away from another
divisioncommon noun, non-variablethe process of divining something into parts