The Weekend - F1 Racing(0077)

A:  Welcome back racing fans! My name is Rick Fields and, as always, I am joined by my partner in crime, Bob Copeland.
B:  We're in the last stretch of this very exciting race, and Kimi Räikkönen is leading the pack with only four laps to go! They are heading to turn three and Lewis Hamilton tries to pass Räikkönen! It's a close one and, oh no! Hamilton hits the wall!
A:  He came in too fast, jammed on the breaks and spun out. We have a yellow flag and the pace car is making its way onto the track.
B:  The cleanup crew is towing the heavily damaged car and the green flag drops! Räikkönen is still in the lead with only two laps to go!
A:  Smoke is coming out of his car! He seems to be having engine trouble! He makes his way into the pit, and Fernando Alonso takes the lead!
B:  How unlucky for Räikkönen, and this race is over ladies and gentlemen, Alonso takes the checkered flag!

Key Vocabulary

partner in crimephrasea person you always do things together with
stretchcommon noun, singularthe final time period
to gophraseleft to complete
jam on the breaksphraseto hit or step on the breaks quickly and forcefully
spin outphrase(a car) slides and makes a turn rapidly in an uncontrolled way
pace carcommon noun, singularthe car used when accidents happen which leads other cars but is not a competitor in the face
yellow flagcommon noun, singularthe sign use in F1 race to show there is an accident on the track
cleanup crewcommon noun, singularthe group of people who clean the track
green flagcommon noun, singularthe sign used in an F1 race to show that the race is back to the normal state
take the leadphrasebe in the first position
checkered flagcommon noun, singulara flag with black and white squares showing someone has won

Supplementary Vocabulary

revverbcause an engine to run very quickly
titlecommon noun, singularthe status of winning a championship in a sport
aerodynamicAdjectivethe quality of moving easily through the air
motorheadcommon noun, singulara person who loves cars and car racing (Am.E)
qualifying roundcommon noun, singularthe race that determines who will be able to participate in the main race
pole positionphrasethe front position in a car race