The Weekend - Funky Galaxy Battles(0079)

A:  They are breaking through! Set your blasters to full power!
B:  Excellent job. Search the ship, she's gotta be in here somewhere... bring her to me!
C:  Lord Hater, we have a survivor here...
B:  Where is she? Don't make me destroy you, tell me where she is!
D:  Not so fast! She will no longer be your prisoner! It's time you and I settled this once and for all!
B:  You are unwise to think you can defeat me. You know nothing of the power of the obscure side!
D:  We will stop you...
C:  Lord Hater! We have an unidentified spacecraft taking off from the rear dock! They somehow managed to escape our tractor beam!
B:  After them!
C:  They are accelerating towards the speed of light We lost them, sir...

Key Vocabulary

break throughphraseget through by force
blastercommon noun, pluralthe parts of a spaceship that are used for emitting bombs
settleverbfinish, end
once and for allphraseforever
unwiseAdjectivenot wise, silly
manageverbbe able to do
tractor beamphrasea device used for attracting one project to another from a distance
speed of lightcommon noun, singularthe rate at which light travels. 299 792 458 meters per second

Supplementary Vocabulary

androidcommon noun, singulara robot that looks like a person
galaxycommon noun, singularany one of the very large groups of stars that make up the universe
constellationcommon noun, singulara group of celestial bodies (usually stars) that appear to form a pattern in the sky or appear visibly related to each other.
parseccommon noun, singularis a unit of length, equal to just under 31 trillion kilometres or about 3.26 light-years
light-yearcommon noun, singularthe distance traveled in one year traveling at the speed of light