Daily Life - New Guy In Town V(0082)

A:  What the heck is going on! Did you see that? What was that thing?
B:  I don't know! I'm just glad we made it out! Look, there is a police car! Help! Help! Please stop!
C:  Howdy man. What seems to be the problem? Is this man bothering you?
A:  Officer, officer, there is, like, a witch creature back there! We tied her up but she broke free, and she was about to have us for dinner!
C:  Okay, calm down, calm down. Lemme see your eyes please. Have you been drinking tonight, son?
B:  We are telling the truth! She's in there! We suspected her of being a kidnapper or rapist but it turns out she's an alien or something.
C:  Okay, calm down, calm down. Lemme see your eyes please...
B:  Ugg! Seriously! Are you gonna help us or not?
C:  Okay, let's go have a look, shall we? Hello? Is anyone in here?
A:  Be careful! She might be hiding!
C:  It's perfectly safe... there isn't anyone...

Key Vocabulary

heckcommon noun, non-variablehell in a more polite form
make it outphraseable to escape or flee
creaturecommon noun, singulara living thing
break freephraseget out of something
lemmeContractionlet me
suspectverbregard someone as a criminal or to be guilty
kidnappercommon noun, singularthe kind of criminal that catches someone and asks the family for money
rapistcommon noun, singularthe kind of criminal who forces someone to have sex
have a lookphrasetake a glance

Supplementary Vocabulary

larcenycommon noun, singularact of stealing something
homicidecommon noun, singularthe act of killing another person
wannaContractionwant to
gonnaContractiongoing to
DUIcommon noun, singularabbreviation for Driving Under the Influence. To drive while being intoxicated