Daily Life - Using The ATM(0083)

A:  Stupid girl, making me spend so much money, now I have to get it from the ATM...
B:  Hello, welcome to Universal Bank. Please insert your card into the slot.
A:  I know where to put my card! Stupid machine, talking to me like I'm an idiot...
B:  Please input your 6 digit PIN code followed by the pound key. Thank you. Please select an option. Thank you. You have selected withdrawal.
A:  Yeah, yeah, I know what I selected. Just gimme my money!
B:  Please type the amount you would like to withdraw. Thank you, you want to transfer 10000 USD to the World Wildlife Foundation. If this is correct please press 1.
A:  No, no! Stupid machine, what are you doing! No!
B:  Confirmed. Thank you for using our bank! Please remove your card from the slot. Goodbye!
C:  Danger, danger! The exits have been sealed and the doors will remain locked in until the local authorities arrive. Thank you for using our bank. Have a nice day.
A:  No!

Key Vocabulary

ATMa machine outside a bank which people use to get money from their account
insertverbput something into something
slotcommon noun, singulara narrow place to put in a card or paper
PINcommon noun, non-variablepersonal identity number
pound keycommon noun, singularthe pushbotton marked with #
withdrawalcommon noun, non-variablethe action of getting money from account
withdrawverbget money from account
transferverbto move money from your account into others'
authoritycommon noun, pluralgovernment organization which keeps the order of certain place

Supplementary Vocabulary

depositverbto put money into a bank account
fundcommon noun, singularan amount of money that is used for a special purpose
safecommon noun, singulara strong metal box with a lock that is used to store money or valuable things
balancecommon noun, singularthe amount of money that is left in your bank account
inquirycommon noun, singulara request for information