Daily Life - At The Pharmacy(0084)

A:  Hello sir, how can I help you?
B:  Yes, I need this prescription please.
A:  Let's see. Okay, so 50 mg of Prozac, would you prefer this in capsule or tablet?
B:  Capsules are fine.
A:  Okay, you should take 1 capsule 3 times a day. Be sure not to take it on an empty stomach, and also, don't ever mix it with alcohol!
B:  Yes, I know. It's not the first time I'm taking this! Don't worry, I won't overdose!
A:  Okay, anything else I can get you?
B:  Oh, yes, I almost forgot! Can I also get some eye drops and um, some condoms?
A:  Sure. Darn condoms aren't registered in our system.
B:  Oh, well that's okay, I'll get some later, thanks... Really it's no problem.
A:  Just hang on there a sec. Can I get a price check on " Fun Times Ribbed Condoms" please!

Key Vocabulary

prescriptioncommon noun, singulara list of drugs written by doctor
milligramcommon noun, plurala unit for measuring weight
capsulecommon noun, singular(drug) contained in a plastic container
tabletcommon noun, singular(drug) formed in round hard shape
overdoseverbtake more drugs than suggested
eye dropcommon noun, pluralliquid used to drop into eyes to treat eye diseases
hang onphrasehold on
get a price checkphrasetype in the number of something to check it's price

Supplementary Vocabulary

syringecommon noun, singulara device made of a hollow tube and a needle that is used to force fluids into or take fluids out of the body
cough syrupcommon noun, singulara usually sweet liquid that contains medicine used to stop coughing —called also cough medicine
bandagecommon noun, singulara covering (such as a strip of cloth) that protects or supports part of the body that has been hurt
hydrogen peroxidecommon noun, singulara liquid that is used to make things lighter in color or to kill bacteria
ointmentcommon noun, singulara smooth substance that is rubbed on the skin to help heal a wound or to reduce pain or discomfort