Daily Life - Looking for an Apartment(0086)

A:  Hi! We are the Christianson's! We are here to see the apartment.
B:  Oh, hi! Sure, come on in! Well, as you can see, the place has just been renovated. The previous tenants left a huge mess here, so the landlord has redone everything.
A:  It looks great. It's so bright and airy! What great light! I really like these hardwood floors. What's the square footage of this place?
B:  Well, it's about 120 square meters, or 1300 square feet, more or less. Oh, the landlord has also installed new kitchen appliances. There's a new dishwasher, and a professional-grade gas range. Really, at this price, this place is an amazing deal!
A:  I love it! But what are the payment terms?
B:  First and last month rent as deposit and rent is due on the 1st of every month. Considering the amount of money invested into the apartment, it's a very good deal!
A:  Yes, it is! Too good to be true...
B:  The living room and dinning room are quite spacious as you can see, and down this hall, here's the master bedroom. It has a huge walk-in closet and an en suit bathroom. We can't go in there yet as the police... I mean the clean up crew hasn't finished.
A:  What do you mean? What's in here?

Key Vocabulary

come on inphraseplease come in
tenantcommon noun, pluralthe person that rents a house
messcommon noun, singulardisorder, unorganized
landlordcommon noun, singularthe owner of the apartment
airyAdjectivespacious so that air moves freely
square footagecommon noun, non-variableshowing how big one space is measured in feet
appliancecommon noun, pluralelectric equiptment found in a house
professional-gradeAdjectivegood enough to satisfy professional use
gas rangecommon noun, singulara stove that uses gas to cook
spaciousAdjectivelarge; having lots of space
walk-in closetcommon noun, singulara room contained in a bedroom for storing clothes
en suit bathroomcommon noun, singulara bathroom within the main bedroom

Supplementary Vocabulary

atticcommon noun, singulara room or space that is just below the roof of a building and that is often used to store things
basementcommon noun, singularthe part of a building that is entirely or partly below the ground
lawncommon noun, singularan area of ground (such as the ground around a house or in a garden or park) that is covered with short grass
real estatecommon noun, singularthe business of selling land and buildings
leaseverbto allow someone to use (something) for a period of time in return for payment