The Weekend - Star Trek The Lost Generation(0087)

A:  Captain, we're under attack by an unidentified ship.
B:  Damage report.
A:  We've sustained heavy damage to the engines. We've lost our warp drive.
B:  We'll have to attempt to make contact. This is Captain Picard of the Starship Enterprise. We don't wish to engage. What is the nature of this attack?
C:  I am Captain Kor of the ship Klothos. Your ship attacked our search party...
B:  No! You're not doing it right! Kor doesn't sound like that. His voice is deeper!
C:  I am Captain Kor of the ship Klothos. Your sh...
B:  No! If you can't do a Klingon voice, I'll have to find a more serious Star Trek fan actor who actually can, OK?
C:  But... but... I already bought the Klingon suit! And the wig...

Key Vocabulary

under attackphrasebeing attacked
unidentifiedAdjectivenot known,having no identity
sustainverbto experience or suffer
warp drivecommon noun, singularthe engine system used by a spacecraft to travel faster than the speed of light
engageverbto start fighting
naturecommon noun, singularbasic reason
search partycommon noun, singularan organized group of people sent to look for someone or somthing that is missing or lost
deep voiceAdjectiveLow in pitch; resonant
wigcommon noun, singularartificial hair

Supplementary Vocabulary

phasercommon noun, singulara ficticious, futuristic weapon that can stun or kill an enemy
bridgecommon noun, singularthe central point of the ship where the captain comands and orders are taken
holodeckcommon noun, singulara virtual reality simulation room where places and scenarios can be loaded
beam upverbthe action of transporting a person immediately from one place to another in less than a second
ensigncommon noun, singulara member of the crew with the lowest rank