Daily Life - Will You Be My Girlfriend?(0088)

A:  Hey, you're early! Where's everyone?
B:  Well... I told them not to come. I made a reservation just for the two of us. I thought we could have an quiet evening all to ourselves.
A:  Oh... why?
B:  Jennifer, there's something I wanna ask you.
A:  Sure. What is it?
B:  Hmm... okay, here's the thing. I've always seen you as more than just a friend, and I can't take it any more. I know you better than anyone, I know the pros and cons of your personality, I even know what side of the bed is yours! I think we would be great together, don't you?
A:  Are you serious? We've been friends for years! We can't just change that overnight!
B:  I know! I never had the guts to tell you... until today. So, what do you say? Are you willing to give me a shot?
A:  I... I...

Key Vocabulary

two of usphraseyou and me
all to our selvesphrasejust for us and no one else
here is the thingphrasephrase used to begin explaining a situation or problem
pros and consphrasegood things and bad things about a person
gutscommon noun, pluralcourage, brave
give (someone) a shotphraseto let someone have a try

Supplementary Vocabulary

going outphrasephrase used to indicate that you are dating someone
get withverbto become someone's boyfriend/girlfriend
ask outverbto ask someone to join you on a romantic date
intimateAdjectivehaving a very close relationship; very warm and friendly
make-outverbto kiss