Daily Life - At The Airport(0089)

A:  Next please! Hello sir, may I see your passport please?
B:  Yes, here you go.
A:  Will you be checking any bags.
B:  Yes, I'd like to check three pieces.
A:  I'm sorry, sir. Airline policy allows only two pieces of checked luggage, at twenty kilograms each, plus one piece of carry-on luggage. I will have to charge you extra for the additional suitcase.
B:  What? Why! I am taking an intercontinental flight! I'm flying sixteen thousand kms! How am I supposed to only take two, twenty kilo bags? That's absurd!
A:  I am sorry, sir, there's nothing I can do. You cannot board the flight with that large bag either. Carry-on bags must fit in the over-head compartment or under your seat. That bag is clearly too big.
B:  Now I see. You charge next to nothing for an international ticket, but when it comes to charging for any other small thing, you charge an arm and a leg! So tell me, miss, how much will I have to pay for all of this.
A:  Let's see... six hundred and twenty-five US dollars.
B:  That's more than my round-trip ticket!

Key Vocabulary

next to nothingphrasevery cheap, inexpensive
boardverbget on the plane
intercontinentalAdjectivebetween continents
carry-on luggagecommon noun, non-variablethe bags that one can carry onto the plane
piececommon noun, pluralpiece of luggage; one bag
checkverbregister bags with the airline and give them to be put on the plane
passportcommon noun, singulara document showing the identity of someone when outside his country
an arm and a legphrasephrase used to indicate that something is very expensive

Supplementary Vocabulary

metal detectorcommon noun, singularA device that senses the presence of metal
boarding passcommon noun, singularA pass that authorizes a passenger to get on an airplane
scalecommon noun, singularAn instrument or machine for weighing
layovercommon noun, singularA short stop or break in a journey, usually imposed by scheduling requirements
round tripcommon noun, singularA trip from one place to another and back, usually over the same route