Daily Life - I'm Sorry I Love You VIII(0090)

A:  Veronica! Veronica! Veronica! Are you OK?
B:  Steven! What's going on! Who were those guys? I didn't know you have a gun! What's going on!
A:  I will come clean as soon as we get to safety, OK? For now, you have to trust me, please! I would never do anything to hurt you.
B:  Steven, I...
A:  Okay, run! I haven't been completely honest with you Veronica, I'm sorry. I'm not a fireman. I'm not even from the United States. I'm a spy for the Indian government.
B:  What? Why didn't you tell me before? What are you doing here?
A:  When I was a young boy, I used to play cricket my father back in my hometown of Hyderabad. It was a peaceful town, and my father was a renowned chemist. One day, he was approached by members of the CIA, claiming that my father had made the discovery of the millennium in his small lab back at the university where he taught bio-chemistry. I never saw him again. I vowed to discover the whereabouts of my father and consequently joined the Indian Intelligence Bureau.
B:  What does that have to do with those men shooting at us? Most importantly, why did you lie to me!
A:  I'm sorry, I wasn't supposed to meet you. I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you, but you have to believe me when I tell you that what I feel for you is real.
B:  I can't believe this! Why are all these things happening to me! I can't take it anymore! Let me out of the car!
A:  Veronica, wait!

Key Vocabulary

whereaboutscommon noun, pluralthe approximate place, where a person or thing is
millennium1000 years
renownedAdjectivewell known
claimto assert as a fact
spycommon noun, singulara person employed to find out secret information about other countries or organizations
honestAdjectivetruthful and moral in behaviour; trustworthy
go onverbhappening
come cleanphraseconfess, tell everything, tell the truth

Supplementary Vocabulary

FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation
undercoverAdjectivedone or acting in secret
notoriousAdjectivewell known for some bad reason
white liecommon noun, singularan unimportant, small lie
pull (someone's) legphrasetell false information to for fun