The Weekend - Aliens!(0091)

A:  Oh honey, this is so romantic! I have never seen so many stars before! It's beautiful!
B:  See that constellation there? That's Orion! And the very bright star? Well, it's not a star since it doesn't blink. That's actually Venus.
A:  What's that big flashy one?
B:  I don't know... I think it's a UFO!
C:  Greetings earthlings. I come from afar, from a distant galaxy known only to a few.
A:  Why are you here? Where did you come from?
C:  We have been observing you for the last three thousand years. We have seen the amazing capacity that humans have to create such wonders as the Taj Mahal or masterpieces such as the Haffner symphony. Unfortunately, your intelligence and creativity does not come without consequence. Your ambition and desire for more will be your downfall, and we are here to save your planet from you.
B:  You think you have us figured out? What gives you the right to come and judge us? Who are you to play God with our fate?
C:  Silence human! It is that belligerent attitude that has caused years of pain and anguish among yourselves! Now you will pay the price!

Key Vocabulary

constellationcommon noun, singulara particular shape formed by a group of stars
blinkverbproduce light every several seconds
UFOunidentified flying object
earthlingscommon noun, pluralhuman beings that live on earth
from afarGeneral Adverbfrom a long distance
galaxycommon noun, singularany of numerous large-scale collections of stars, gas, and dust that make up the visible universe.
capacitycommon noun, singularthe ability to do something
wondercommon noun, pluralA monumental human creation that is amazing
masterpiececommon noun, singularwonderful pieces of work
consequencecommon noun, singulara logical result or effect of an action
ambitioncommon noun, non-variablethe desire to achieve more
downfallcommon noun, singularsomething that brings failure
figure outverbcompletely understand, comprehend.
play Godphrasedecide the fate of someone or something
belligerentAdjectiveangry, aggressive, wanting to fight
anguishcommon noun, non-variablevery strong and terrible physical or mental pain; torment

Supplementary Vocabulary

spacecraftcommon noun, singulara vehicle that travels in space
hoaxcommon noun, singularan event when people do something to play a joke on or fool others
astronomycommon noun, non-variablethe study of the stars and space
supernaturalAdjectiveunable to be explained by science
flying saucercommon noun, singulara name for a UFO