The Weekend - 1950's(0092)

A:  Heya, Tracy. How are you doin'?
B:  I'm swell, Sandy!
A:  Hey listen, you wanna go to the sock hop with me this Friday? It'll be a blast!
B:  First of all it's the Sadie Hawkins dance. The girls gotta ask the guys. Also...
A:  Oh, right. So when are you gonna ask me? I've had my eye on you for a while.
C:  Hey, buddy. Ease off my girl, man. Or do you want a knuckle-sandwich?
B:  Cool it, guys.
A:  Your girl? Says who?
C:  Says me, pipsqueak!

Key Vocabulary

heyaInterjectionhi, you (informal)
swellAdjectivereally good (old-fashioned)
sock hopcommon noun, singulardances held usually in high school gym or cafeteria
a blastcommon noun, singulara very fun time
Sadie Hawkins dancean informal dance usually in high school with girls invite boys
have one's eye on (someone)phrasefocus your attention on something you want
ease offphrasestop putting pressure on someone
knuckle-sandwichcommon noun, singulara punch
cool itphraserelax, take it easy
pipsqueakcommon noun, singularsomeone who is not important

Supplementary Vocabulary

go apephraseget really angry and explode
be on cloud ninephrasebe really happy
cool catphrasea very cool person
flickcommon noun, singularmovie, film
party poopercommon noun, singulara person who is not fun
no sweatphraseit's no problem