The Weekend - 1960's English(0096)

A:  Hey man... I really like your pad. Those lava lamps are far out! Thanks for letting me crash here tonight.
B:  It's no problem, brother! I wanted a pad where people could come, listen to music and just hang loose, you dig what I'm saying?
A:  I dig it man! We could throw a bash here and make it a really happening scene!
B:  Yeah man, that would be groovy! Hey, I gotta split for a while, are you OK here by yourself?
A:  Don't worry about me brother... You go take care of business.
B:  Alright, peace out.

Key Vocabulary

padcommon noun, singulara place where a person lives
digprinciple verb, present simpleappreciate, like
far outAdjectivethe latest, cool
crashverbsleep (informal)
brothercommon noun, singularbuddy, informal way to call a close friend
hang loosephraserelax
bashcommon noun, singulara big party
happening scenecommon noun, singularan extremely exciting moment
groovyAdjectivereally cool
splitprinciple verb, infinitiveleave here
peace outphrasesee you later
mancommon noun, singularan informal way to call a friend
throwhold (a party)

Supplementary Vocabulary

a gasphrasea really fun time
hipAdjectivevery cool
niftyAdjectivecool, neat
blitzedAdjectivevery drunk
bitchenAdjectiveawesome, really cool