Daily Life - Weather Forecast(0097)

A:  ...And now, let's go to Kenny Williams for today's weather forecast.
B:  Thank you Bill, and good morning Salt Lake City!
A:  What's the weather looking like today, Kenny?
B:  Well, it's a bit of a mixed bag in Utah today; we've got heavy cloud cover here in Northern Utah, and we're calling for scattered showers throughout the day, with a day-time high of forty-five degrees. Now, if we move down to the south of the state, we can see that a cold front is moving in. We can expect clear skies, but it will be quite cold, with temperatures hovering around the thirty degree mark.
A:  It's a chilly day folks, so don't forget your coats! What about tomorrow Kenny? Do you have good news for us?
B:  Well, it'll be a rainy day for Northern Utah; we can expect some isolated downpours in the morning. Winds will be coming in from the North East, with gusts reaching twenty-three miles per hour. Salt Lake City can expect the rain to turn to sleet in the evening. Things are looking a bit better for the South; we'll see cloudy skies with a chance of showers. Later in the day, we can expect partly-cloudy skies, with a forecast high of thirty-eight degrees.
A:  You heard it folks! It's gonna be a cold one!
B:  That's right Bill. We will have more later on today on the six o'clock news. That's the weather forecast for this morning.

Key Vocabulary

scatteredAdjectivesomething that is spread all over an area
hover aroundphrasestay near a certain level or place
come in fromphraseto enter or arrive from somehwere
forecastcommon noun, singulara statement of what will happen in the future
mixed bagcommon noun, singulara collection of different kinds of things
cloud covercommon noun, non-variablethe amount of sky that is covered with cloud
call forphrasesaying that some type of weather will happen
showercommon noun, pluralrainfall in a short time
cold frontcommon noun, singularleading edge of a cooler and drier mass of air
chillyAdjectivevery cold
isolatedAdjectivelimited to one area
downpourcommon noun, pluralstrong, sudden rain storm
gustcommon noun, singularstrong, sudden increase in wind speed
sleetcommon noun, non-variablea mix of rain and snow
partly-cloudy skiesphrasehaving some cloud and some sun

Supplementary Vocabulary

hailcommon noun, non-variablesmall balls of ice that fall from the sky
drizzlecommon noun, non-variablelight rain
hazyAdjectivedescribes when air is not clear becaause of fog or smog
fogcommon noun, non-variablesmall drops of water that float in the air
blizardcommon noun, singulara very strong snow storm