Global View - Movie Review(0099)

A:  Welcome back movie lovers to another " Premier Movie Review". My name is Richard Clarke and I am joined today by the very erudite David Watson.
B:  Thank you Dick. Today we are going to talk about the movie " Lion King". Tell me Dave, what is your impression of this film?
A:  Well, I think this film is simply a fable, depicting man's eternal greed for power, and in my opinion, it's a very fine film. Even despite the accusations of plagiarism traditional folk tales from other countries. The musical score was amazing, the animation was very well done, and the story was simply enchanting.
B:  I think otherwise. Even though the animation was technically strong, and as you say, the score and songs performed by Elton John were great, the film lacks a certain originality; it lacked heart. And I would dare to say, it was too predictable.
A:  Predictable! How! Come on Dick, It's a G-rated movie! It's for the kids! It's not a thriller!
B:  Well, that's just it. It did have some very dramatic and intense scenes For example when Mufasa dies, or the dark, grim portrayal of Scar. Even so, the film is linear. Mufasa dies, Simba runs away thinking it's his fault. Falls in love and returns to retake what is rightfully his. It's just too cliché.
A:  How can it be cliché? It's a fable! It's telling a time-honoured story! The movie make a point of how the hunger for power leads to corruption, and teaches children the value of respect, life and love.
B:  You have always been so soft, Dave!
A:  Open your heart Dick. Don't shut us out.
B:  Anyway... That's all for today folks! Join us next time as we talk about "How to lose a guy in 10 days" I'm sure you'll love that one Dave!

Key Vocabulary

dare to sayphrasehave the confidence to say
rightfullyGeneral Adverbaccording to law
eruditeAdjectivehaving a lot of knowladge; espically gained from studying
impressioncommon noun, singularthe feelings one has after a specific event
depictdescribe, show, especially in art or pictures
fablecommon noun, singularbeautiful story about animals that has a moral or lesson
eternalAdjectivelasting forever
accusationcommon noun, pluralaction of caliming something is wrong
plagiarismcommon noun, non-variablepractice of copying others' ideas
enchantingAdjectiveattractive, holding one's attention
scorecommon noun, singularwritten work showing notes of music
predictableAdjectiveeasy for others to foresee what is going to happen
portrayalcommon noun, singularthe act of showing or describing somehting, especially in art
linearAdjectivemoving in logical way, from start to end
clichecommon noun, singularsomething that is too often used so that it loses meaning or importance
time-honouredAdjectivesomething that survives the testing of time
softAdjectivenot critical enough

Supplementary Vocabulary

screen playcommon noun, singularthe written words from a film
performancecommon noun, singularthe activity of an actor in a play
central charactercommon noun, singularthe main person in a movie
plotcommon noun, singularstory in a movie or book
cinematographycommon noun, non-variableused to describe the camera work in a movie