Daily Life - Where are you from?(0100)

A:  Where to, miss?
B:  Hi! Crenshaw and Hawthorne, at the Holiday Inn that is on that corner.
A:  Sure thing. So, where are you flying in from?
B:  From China.
A:  Really? You don't look very Chinese to me, if you don't mind me saying so.
B:  It's fine. I am actually from Mexico. I was in China on a business trip, visiting some local companies that manufacture bathroom products.
A:  Wow sounds interesting! Excuse me if I am being a bit nosy but, how old are you?
B:  Don't you know it's rude to ask a lady her age?
A:  Don't get me wrong! It's just that you seem so young and already doing business overseas!
B:  Well thank you! In that case, I am 26 years old, and what about yourself?
A:  I am 40 years old and was born and raised here in the good old U.S of A, although I have some Colombian heritage.
B:  Really? That's great! Do you speak some Spanish?
A:  Uh... yeah.. of course!
B:  Que bien! Entonces podemos hablar en espanol!

Key Vocabulary

if you don't mind me saying sophrasea polite phrase to use where you are saying something sensitive
come in fromphrasearrive
nosyAdjectivetoo interested in others' private matters
in that casephrasebecause of that
don't get me wrongphrasedo not misunderstand me
where tophrasewhere would you like to go
overseasGeneral Adverbin foreign countries
to be born and raisedphraseto live in a place your whole life
the good old U.S of Aphrasethe United States

Supplementary Vocabulary

mind your own businessphrasethat subject is too personal (impolite)
that's personalphrasephrase you use when you don't want to answer a question
TMIphrasetoo much information
personalAdjectiveabout a person's private thoughs, feelings, etc.
snoopverbto look for private information about someone