The Weekend - 1970's(0101)

A:  Hey man! How's it hanging?
B:  Hey man! Everything is just groovy baby!
A:  Did you go to the roller rink on Saturday? I heard it was far out, man!
B:  I wanted to, but I ran into this foxy lady that just moved to my block! I was chatting her up a bit and then we mellowed out at her place.
A:  Right on, right on! Well, Jim went to the rink with Sherry and he said it was dy-no-mite! He was low on bread, but Sherry paid for everything.
B:  Gravy! Jim is such a jive turkey man. He is always hitting me up for cash. Anyway, you wanna book and go grab some grub?
A:  Yeah man, I'm starving!

Key Vocabulary

right onphraseused to say that something that makes sense
how is it hangingphrasehow's it going, how are you
groovyAdjectivecool, excellent, enjoyable
roller rinkcommon noun, singularan enclosed place for roller skating
far outAdjectivethe latest, cool
foxyAdjectivesexy, attractive
blockcommon noun, singularpart of a neighborhood surrounded by four streets
chat (someone) upverbtalk informally to a person you're attracted to
mellow outverbrelax
breadcommon noun, non-variablemoney (informal and old fashioned)
gravyAdjectivealright, cool
jive turkeycommon noun, singulara person who is unreliable or irresponsible
hit someone up forphraseask someone for money
bookverbleave quickly
grubcommon noun, non-variablefood (informal)

Supplementary Vocabulary

Discocommon noun, singularpopular dance music, especially of the late 1970s
cribcommon noun, singularhouse
gigcommon noun, singulara performance especially by a band
the manphrasean authority figure, like the boss or government
bummera negative situation