Global View - Global Warming(0102)

A:  And therefore, global warming is the greatest deception of the early 21st century. Questions?
B:  Uh… yeah. In the lecture you said there’s more evidence in the scientific record supporting global cooling?
A:  Well, yes, essentially, the historical record supports a theory of climate cycles. Warming and cooling are cooperating processes in the planetary eco-system.
B:  If that’s true and the planet is getting cooler, what explains the rapid melting of the polar ice caps and the dramatic rise in the global average temperatures?
A:  But are global temperatures rising? If you look at the data from nineteen seventy-five you’ll…
B:  You’ll be misled. If you were serious, you would look at the record starting in the 1880’s. Then you would see how dramatically the earth’s temperature has changed.
A:  Young lady, I beg to differ. Look, the point of the lecture was to emphasize that there is evidence for both sides, and I'm putting forth the argument that there's greater evidence in support of the global cooling hypothesis. Look, it's an indisputable fact that the public is being manipulated and scared into believing there’s some kind of climate crisis; this scaremongering is done, quite simply, for political reasons.
B:  But even without the uncomfortable reality that greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide contribute to global warming, isn’t the topic appropriate for politicians to discuss?
A:  Not if they want to use your tax dollars and mine to fund completely unnecessary initiatives.
B:  Yeah, like conservation, protecting endangered species and investing in renewable energy. At the very least, you have to concede that this debate has the potential to end our dependence on foreign oil. Buying oil supports autocratic countries that use these revenues to devastating ends.
A:  Why, I’ve never been so disrespected in all of my days. I’m a professor, a scientist and researcher of high regard.
B:  Yeah, and a duplicitous one at that. Everyone knows you’re in the pocket of the oil lobby. Why should we trust your so-called findings more than tobacco institute studies which say smoking doesn’t harm health? You’re full of it.
A:  Some people just cannot handle civil debate!

Key Vocabulary

planetaryAdjectiveof or relating to planets
eco-systemcommon noun, singulareverything that exists in a certain environment
misleadverbbe led to make believe something not true
global warmingcommon noun, non-variablethe increase of the world's temperature due to po
beg to differphrasea polite way to show you do not agree with someone
deceptioncommon noun, singularthe act of making others believe something false
polar ice capcommon noun, pluralthe thick layer of ice or snow on the poles
put forthverbgive out, announce the public
indisputableAdjectiveso true that does not need to be discussed anymore
manipulateverbinfluence someone's ideas for your own benefit
scaremongeringcommon noun, non-variablesaying something so as to frighten people
greenhouse gascommon noun, plurala gas that increases the global temperature
endangered speciescommon noun, pluraltype of animal in danger of dying out
concedeverbto say that you do not deny something's true
autocraticAdjectivewith total power
endcommon noun, pluralresult or outcome
duplicitousAdjectivedeceiving, dishonest
in the pocket ofphrasebeing illegally bribed or paid by someone
so-calledAdjectiveused to show the name is not really suitable

Supplementary Vocabulary

climate changecommon noun, non-variablethe change in the world's temperature and weather patterns
fossil fuelcommon noun, singularfuel made with dead animals or plants such as oil, gas, natural gas
deforestationcommon noun, non-variablethe action of cutting down forests
emissioncommon noun, singularthe act of producing gas
endorseverbsupport a point of view