Daily Life - Baby, I'm Sorry(0103)

A:  Can we talk?
B:  Sure, honey, we're talking now, aren't we?
A:  You know what I mean.
B:  Yeah. I know.
A:  I want to know where this relationship is going. I'm in love with you and I need to know...
B:  You know, I think you're awesome.
A:  I'm awesome. Well, I guess that's my answer, isn't it.
B:  Honey...
A:  Look, if you don't love me, it's not a thing, alright, we've had our laughs, but I don't appreciate... maybe it's just time we...
B:  Baby, I love you so much.
A:  You do?
B:  I love you. And I think you're awesome.
A:  Oh, I love you too!
B:  Come on. Put the gun down.
A:  Oh baby, I'm so sorry.

Key Vocabulary

maybe it is time wephraseperhaps it is time for us to do something
don't appreciatephrasedon't like
where this (relationship) is goingphrasewhat stage this relationship is in
we have had our (laughs)phrasewe have experienced ( our happy days)
loveprinciple verb, present simplehave strong affection to someone
awesomeAdjectiveamazing, great
in love withphrasefeel strong romantic affection for someone
can we talkphrasephrase used if one must talk about serious things

Supplementary Vocabulary

dump (someone)verbend a relationship with someone
break (someone's) heartphrasehurt someone's feelings very badly; hurt someone emotionally
a heart to heartphrasea honest, emotional talk
excommon noun, singularformer boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife
partnercommon noun, singulara person who you are in a long-term relationship with