The Weekend - Skiing(0104)

A:  Welcome ski lovers of all ages! My name is Rick Fields and here with me is the man that needs no introduction, Bob Copeland.
B:  Thank you, Rick! What a beautiful day here in Aspen, Colorado where the sun is shinning, and we've got twelve inches of fresh powder. It doesn't get much better than this.
A:  That's right, Bob, but today we have a special treat for our viewers. We're joined here by Ian Roussy, the four-time giant slalom champion. And on this special edition of the show, Ian is going to teach us the basics of skiing! So, let's hit the slopes!
C:  Well, first off, let's get those boots on. You're going to want to make sure your boots fit snugly. That's right; now snap them into your bindings. And you're also going to want a good pair of goggles to protect your eyes. It's a bright day today, so there's going to be a lot of glare out there on the slopes. We don't want you hitting any of those moguls!
A:  Bob, since you're a beginner skier and might take a few spills, it is a good idea to have a good warm pair of dry ski gloves.
C:  Easy there, Rick! Well, let's head on over to the chairlift, and test your skills! All right, we're up here on the bunny hill, so, Bob, why don't you do a few snow-plow turns. Gnarly run, Rick! Nice carving! You've got some mad skills! That was sick!
A:  You wanna see gnarley? Well, see that bump over there, I'm going to catch some major air.
C:  Butt plant!
B:  Ha ha ha! He lost his skis! Yard sale!!!
A:  Ahem, well. Thanks for joining us here today, I think that about does it. Bob, Ian, time for some apr├Ęs-ski?
C:  No way, man! We're off to grab some freshies!!!

Key Vocabulary

slalomcommon noun, singulara skiing race where you must go though flags
championcommon noun, singularwinner
hit the slopesphrasestart skiing
snuglyGeneral Adverbfitting very tightly
snapprinciple verb, imperativemake something attach by pressing down
bindingcommon noun, plurala bottom part that attaches the boot to a ski
gogglescommon noun, plurala pair of glasses used to protect one's eyes
glarecommon noun, singularbright light that is reflected by the snow
slopescommon noun, plurala space on the mountain which is used for skiing
mogulcommon noun, plurala bump on a ski hill
ski glovecommon noun, plurala covering of hands with each finger separated tha
snow-plow turncommon noun, singulara slow, easy turn where you make a V with the skis
carvingcommon noun, non-variableturn on your skis with your edges
chairliftcommon noun, singulara line of chairs tha moving cable that carries peo
apres-skicommon noun, non-variablea party or drinks after skiing
grab some freshiesphraseski on the area that has never been skied before
yard salephrasefalling so hard that you lose all your ski equipment
catch some major airphraseused to describe a skier jumps really really high
bumpcommon noun, singularsmall hill
gnarleyAdjectiveawesome, cool (used by ski lovers)
take a spillprinciple verb, subjunctivefall
that about does itphraseit's finished; it's almost done

Supplementary Vocabulary

lodgecommon noun, singularthe building that has restaurants and stores on the ski hill
powcommon noun, non-variable(powder) soft, light snow
avycommon noun, singular(avalanche) lots of snow falling off the mountain
liftiecommon noun, singulara person who operates the chairlift
bowlcommon noun, singulara steep hill with high sides, shaped like a bowl