The Office - Job Well Done(0105)

A:  And so, that concludes my outline for our marketing strategy next year. Thank you very much for your time.
B:  Hey, that was quite the presentation! Honestly, I was completely blown away by your strategy outline. I’ve gotta say, Alex, you really wowed me today.
A:  Aw, come on; it was nothing. I’m just doing my job.
B:  No, I think you deserve some recognition here; I mean, if I look back on your previous presentations, this is a huge improvement.
A:  Well, Kristin did give me a hand with the slides. She’s a real wiz on PowerPoint.
B:  And I saw that you took on board my feedback about pricing strategies. I really appreciate you taking the time to think though my suggestions.
A:  Yeah, well, that was some good advice. You made some really good points.
B:  Well, I just wanted to say well done. Really you did a great job.

Key Vocabulary

quite the (noun)phraseused to say it was good
presentationcommon noun, singularspeech, demo, a meeting where you present something
honestlyGeneral Adverbto tell the truth, frankly speaking
blow (someone) awayverbimpressed by
wow (someone)verbamaze, impress
it was nothingphraseuse to show humbleness
deserveverbare entitled to
recognitioncommon noun, non-variablepraises, credit
look back onverbrecall the past
improvementcommon noun, singularadvance, progress
give someone a handphrasehelp someone
wizcommon noun, singulargenius
take on boardverbadopt
feedbackcommon noun, non-variableother people's opinions
think thoughverbto carefully consider and think about it
well donephrasegood job

Supplementary Vocabulary

constructive criticismcommon noun, non-variablesuggestions for improvement
recognizeverbto publicity give special attention to someone for doing a good job
praisecommon noun, non-variablethe action of saying a person did a good job
encourageverbmake someone confident; help them do better
give creditphrasepraise given to someone for doing a good job