Daily Life - Mobile Phone Plan(0106)

B:  Yeah, I've just moved here, and I'd like to activate my cell phone, and I'm not sure if I should go with a prepaid plan, or a monthly rate plan.
A:  I see. Well, can I have a look at your phone? Unfortunately, this phone can't be used in the US; it's not compatible with our 3G network.
B:  What? Really? I don't really want to have to buy a new phone.
A:  Well, you're in luck! You see, if you sign up for our three-year plan, we'll throw in a handset for free.
B:  Really? What's the catch?
A:  There's no catch! You just choose a plan, sign a three-year contract and, that's it! Actually, we're running a special promotion right now, and we're giving away a Blackberry Curve with our special Mega Value forty dollar plan.
B:  So what does this plan include?
A:  Well, you get nine hundred anytime minutes, and you can also enjoy free mobile to mobile calling to other Tel-Mobile clients, one thousand text messages per month, and unlimited evening and weekend minutes. Oh, and we also offer a rollover option.
B:  Wow, all this for forty dollars per month?
A:  That's right, plus the activation fee, the emergancy services fee, the monthly service fee, oh, and any charges for extra minutes, and...

Key Vocabulary

in luckverbyou are lucky right now; we have what you need
compatible withphraseable to work well together
monthly rate plancommon noun, singulara program that needs you to pay every month
activateverbcause something to start working
prepaid rate planAdjectivea prgram where you pay for cell phone time in advance
throw inverbgive something extra for free
what is the catchphrasewhat is the hidden drawback
any time minutesphrasecell phone time you can use at any time
text messagecommon noun, pluralshort messages sent by mobile phone
unlimitedAdjectivewith out limit; as much as you want
evening and weekend minutesphrasecell phone minutes you can use on evenings and wee
rolloverAdjectiveallow unused minutes to be used the next month
handsetcommon noun, singularmobile phone
feecommon noun, singularthe amount of money you need to pay
chargecommon noun, pluralthe amount of money you need to pay

Supplementary Vocabulary

devicecommon noun, singularan object or machine made for a specific purpose
data packagecommon noun, singulara part of a cell phone package that lets you go on the internet
textverbwrite and send a text message
landlinecommon noun, singulara phone that attaches to the network by a wire
SIM cardcommon noun, singulara computer chip you put in your cell phone