Daily Life - Complaining at a Restaurant(0107)

A:  Excuse me, waiter? Waiter!
B:  Yes, sir? What can I do for you?
A:  I've been sitting here for the past twenty minutes and no one has offered me a glass of water, brought any bread to the table and our appetizers haven't been served yet! You know, in this kind of establishment, I'd expect much better service.
B:  I am sorry, sir. I'll check on your order right away.
C:  Relax honey, the place is busy tonight, but I've heard the food is amazing. Anyway...
B:  Here you are, sir. The foie gras for the lady, and a mushroom soup for you.
A:  Waiter, I ordered a cream of mushroom soup with asparagus. This soup is obviously too runny, and it's over-seasoned. It's completely inedible!
B:  Okay, I do apologize for that. Can I bring you another soup, or would you like to order something else?
A:  Take this foie gras back as well, it's rubbery and completely overcooked. And look at the portion size! How can you charge twenty-five dollars for a sliver of duck liver?
B:  Right away... sir.
C:  Honey come on! The foie gras was fine, why are you making such a big deal? Are you trying to get our meal comped again?
A:  What do you mean? We are paying for this. If I'm shelling out my hard earned bucks, I expect value for money!
B:  Here you are, sir. I hope it is alright now. The chef has prepared it specially for you.
A:  Yes, fine.
C:  Honey, are you alright?

Key Vocabulary

appetizercommon noun, plurallittle dish people have before meal
establishmentcommon noun, singularplace of business like a restaurant or hotel
servicecommon noun, singularwork done by someone to serve customers
ordercommon noun, singularthe list containing your choices of dishes
foie grascommon noun, non-variablea food made from the livers of geese
runnyAdjectivemore liquid than expected
over-seasonedAdjectivetoo salty
inedibleAdjectivecan not be eaten
rubberyAdjectivedifficult to chew
overcookedAdjectivebe cooked overtime
portion sizecommon noun, singularthe amount of food that is served to a person
slivercommon noun, singulara small, thin piece
make a big dealphraseget very upset about something small
compverbbe given to customers for free
shell outphraseto spend money
hard earnedphrasemoney you work hard for

Supplementary Vocabulary

a bad aftertastephrasea bad second taste
bitterAdjectivea strong, unpleasant taste that is opposite of sweet
rankAdjectivea strong, unpleasant smell
rancidAdjectivea rotten taste or smell
unappealingAdjectivenot appealing; not attractive or tasty