Daily Life - Registering for University(0110)

A:  Excuse me? Is this where I register? I'd like to sign up for my courses for next semester.
B:  Yes, of course. I need your student ID please.
A:  Here you are.
B:  Okay, Susan. It says here that you are a business major and you are in your second year. Is this information correct?
A:  Yes. I do want to take some additional credits this year to get a minor in psychology.
B:  Sure. That's not a problem. Do you have the list of courses you want to take this semester?
A:  Yeah. Here's my list. I'm not sure if the class schedule will allow me to take all of them though.
B:  Yeah, that's perfect. What about the subjects for your minor?
A:  Oh yeah! Almost forgot! I need to take fundamental linguistics, consumer psychology and neuroanatomy.
B:  Wow, you are going to be busy this semester! Okay, here you go. You are registered now; you'll have to make your first tuition payment before classes start.

Key Vocabulary

sign up forphraseofficially put your name on a list for something
majorcommon noun, singularthe field one studies in university
creditcommon noun, pluralpoints you count towards your degree in university
schedulecommon noun, singulartimetable; list of appointments and times
tuitioncommon noun, singulareducational fees

Supplementary Vocabulary

enrollprinciple verb, present simpleTo place one's name on a roll or register; sign up
essaycommon noun, singulara short piece of writing that argues one point of view
term papercommon noun, singulara long piece of writing you must write at the end of a course
midtermcommon noun, singulara exam or big test given halfway though the course
finalscommon noun, pluralthe last exams at the end of a semister