The Weekend - Golf(0111)

A:  Good morning golf aficionados! My name is Rick Fields, and you guessed it, I am here with my main man, Bob Copeland.
B:  Thank you, Rick! As you can see, ladies and gentleman, we are here in beautiful Pebble Beach where the top golfers in the world are trying to win the grand prize of one million dollars!
A:  Whoa, that's a lot of cash! Let's go to the course and see how Tiger Woods is doing.
B:  All right, were're here at the eighth hole. It's a par four, and has some very difficult hazards which many golfers find difficult to avoid. Although, I did see Jack Nicklaus hit a hole in one on this very same hole!
A:  Tiger Woods is about to tee off, and let's see if he has the same luck as Jack. Tiger is asking his caddie for his driver and, he seems to be very nervous.
B:  Oh no! Not a good swing at all! It's definitely not his day today. On the seventh hole he got a bogey and before that he barely made par. He will definitely not get a birdie on this shot.
A:  It seems that his ball has flown somewhere deep in the trees. He is having a hard time finding it and even his caddie has climbed a tree to try and spot it.
B:  Oh no! A bear! Run, Tiger, run! Somebody call animal control!

Key Vocabulary

aficionadocommon noun, pluralan enthusiastic admirer or follower; a fan.
main manphrasemy right hand man, my important helper
cashcommon noun, singularmoney in the form of bills or coins
parcommon noun, singularthe number of strokes considered necessary to complete
hazardcommon noun, singularan obstacle, such as some water, found on a golf course
hole in onecommon noun, singularusing only one shot to put the ball in the hole
tee offverbhit the ball for the first time on a hole
caddiecommon noun, singularperson who carries the golf clubs and gives advice
drivercommon noun, singularthe club you use to hit the ball long distances
swingcommon noun, singularthe action of hitting the golf ball
not (someone's) dayphrasenot a good day for that person
bogeycommon noun, singularscore that is one higher than it should be in golf
make parphraseget the score you should for a certain hole
birdiecommon noun, singularone point lower than the score you should get
shotcommon noun, singularthe action of hitting the ball
hard timephrasea difficult time doing something; difficulty

Supplementary Vocabulary

puttprinciple verb, present simplelight golf stroke made on the putting green in an effort to place the ball into the hole.
greencommon noun, singularan area of short cut grass around the hole on a golf course
breakprinciple verb, present simplethe action of a ball moving away from it's straight path
sand trapcommon noun, singulara hazard on a golf course consisting of a depression partly filled with sand.
ironcommon noun, singulargolf a club with an angled metal head