Daily Life - Dr. Plumber(0112)

A:  Good afternoon! Did you call for a plumber?
B:  Yes, yes I did. Please come in! I'm so glad you came! This old house is falling apart! Come on into the bathroom. See, here, there's water leaking everywhere!
A:  I see. Let me have a look. It seems that your toilet is clogged, and that's why it won't flush. Let me just get my plunger. No, that's not working either. I suspect that there's some sort of foreign object in the pipes that's causing a blockage. That's what's making your toilet overflow.
B:  Oh, that must be because of my four-year-old daughter. She is always flushing things down the toilet. You know how kids are.
A:  Yeah, I have a little one myself. Anyway, these water pipes are really rusty, so they also should be changed. That could be causing water to not drain completely; that might lead to more problems in the future. I would also suggest fixing this faucet that isn't shutting off properly. I could have it all finished by today if it's urgent.
B:  That would be great! Is it expensive?
A:  Let's see... I would say about eight hundred dollars.
B:  What? That's more than I make in a day and I'm a heart surgeon!

Key Vocabulary

clogverbslowly forming a block in something
blockagecommon noun, singularsomething that stops another thing from passing through
shut offverbto cause a machine to stop operating
falling apartphraseslowly break
leakverbliquid or gas escaping from its containter through
plumbercommon noun, singularplumber
flushverbto cause water to clean a toilet
plungercommon noun, singulara tool for unclogging toilets
suspectverbhave an idea about the reason for something
foreignAdjectivesomething that doesn't belong
overflowverbto flow over the edge of something
rustyAdjectivecovered with a reddish brown color
drainverbto remove liquid from something by letting it flow
faucetcommon noun, singulara device that controls the flow that comes out of
shutting offverbto cause a machine to stop operating

Supplementary Vocabulary

pumpcommon noun, singulara machine that moves liquid from one place to another
burstverbbreak apart suddenly
tapcommon noun, singularthe part of the sink that water comes out of
appliancecommon noun, singularan electric machine with a special purpose
floodverbwater coming into a place where it shouldn't