The Weekend - 1980's(0114)

A:  Jim! What's up man!
B:  Charlie! Is that your ride? It's butt ugly, dude!
A:  Don't be a airhead! This is a nineteen sixty-nine Chevy Impala! I just need to fix it up a bit. In a couple of months, this baby is gonna be wicked!
B:  Not even! Check it out! Now that's a fresh ride!
A:  Too bad the driver is a major dweeb. Anyone can have a car like that if their daddy is loaded like his.
B:  He's coming this way, be cool.
C:  Hey guys! What do you think of my automobile? Isn't it bad to the bone?
A:  Word! The ladies are gonna be lining up to get with you when they see you driving around in that car.
C:  You really think so?
B:  For sure!
C:  Awesome!
A:  Psych! haha.. you totally fell for it.
C:  You are a real scumbag, Charlie. When I do the nasty with the prom queen, we'll see who has the last laugh.
B:  Dude, don't have a cow!

Key Vocabulary

dweebcommon noun, singularnerd, loser
to get withprinciple verb, infinitiveto be romantic with (slang)
airheadcommon noun, singulara silly or stupid person
wickedAdjectivevery good (slang)
butt uglyAdjectivevery ugly
ridecommon noun, singularcar (slang)
dudecommon noun, singularman (slang)
freshAdjectivenew, cool (slang)
bad to the bonesphrasecompletely cool
psychInterjectionjust kidding; I was joking
have a cowphraseget angry

Supplementary Vocabulary

take a chill pillphraserelax; chill out
jockcommon noun, singulara male who plays a lot of sport
jetverbleave a place quickly
bite mephraseleave me alone; go away; I don't care