Daily Life - I Don't Feel So Good(0115)

A:  Are you okay, man? You don't look very well.
B:  Ugh, I feel terrible. I went out last night with Trevor and things got a little out of hand.
A:  Nice! So, where did you guys go?
B:  We hit a couple of local bars, and met up with some friends. Everything was cool until Mike came along, and it turned out that it was his birthday yesterday!
A:  Oh no! Mike's birthday is a drinkfest for sure!
B:  Tell me about it! We drank everything in the bar!
A:  Is that why you missed work today?
B:  Yeah. I woke up this morning feeling really nauI Don't Feel So Goodus. I threw up like five times.
A:  Eww!
B:  I was so dehydrated that I drank like a gallon of water, and my head has been pounding all day. I swear, I'm never gonna drink again!
A:  Too bad man, tonight is Tracy's going away party and she asked if you were gonna go.
B:  Oh, yeah. I'm there!

Key Vocabulary

got a little out of handphrasebecome out of control
hitprinciple verb, past simpleto go to (a place)
turned outprinciple verb, past simpleto happen a certain way
tell me about itphraseI agree; I understand
naseousAdjectivefeel like you are going to vomit
threw upprinciple verb, past simplevomit
dehydratedprinciple verb, past simplelacking water
poundingprinciple verb, past perfect progressiveto beat loudly and quickly

Supplementary Vocabulary

wastedAdjectivevery drunk (slang)
barfverbto vomit
pain killerscommon noun, pluralmedicine you take to cure a headache
I feel like deathphraseI feel very bad
hair of the dogphrasedrink alcohol when you have a hangover to cure it