The Weekend - I'm Sorry I Love You IX(0117)

Steven:  Veronica wait! Come on honey, get back in the car. Let's talk it over, okay?
Veronica:  No! I'm tired of your lies! I don't know who you are anymore!
Steven:  Veronica. It's me, the man that has and always will love you. I'm sorry that I've lied to you. Believe me, it's been so hard for me as well, and time and again, I've thought of coming clean. But, I couldn't put you, or my mission at risk. It's all over now. My assignment is complete and now I have to go back to India.
Veronica:  What? Are you kidding? Is there anything else I should know before I never see you again? How could you deceive me like that?
Steven:  Yes... Veronica... I know that this isn't the best time and that you probably hate me right now but, I want to be completely forthright with you. I know deep in my heart that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Veronica... will you marry me? Come with me to India baby, I can't make up for everything that's happened, but I can promise you my undying love. I will be the most devoted husband, and I will cherish you always.
Veronica:  Steven... I can't just leave everything at the drop of a hat! With everything that has happened between us, I just don't know you any more. I just can't build a relationship on a foundation of lies. I do love you but... I can't go with you. I'm sorry... I love you...
AIRPORT:  This is the last call for flight eight one five from Los Angeles to Hyderabad.
Airline worker:  I'm sorry sir we can't wait any longer you must board the plane. Are you waiting for someone?
Steven:  I was but, I don't think she is coming...

Key Vocabulary

let's talk it overphraselet's talk about this problem and solve it
come cleanverbconfess, tell the truth
time and againphrasemany times
deceiveverbTo cause to believe what is not true; mislead.
kiddingverbfool or joke
forthrightAdjectivedirect; honest; with no lies
undyingAdjectiveendless, lasting forever
devotedAdjectiveshowing or feeling strong loyalty or love
cherishverbto treat with affection and tenderness
at the drop of a hatphrasesoon, in this very instant
foundationcommon noun, singularthe base of a structure

Supplementary Vocabulary

integritycommon noun, non-variablethe quality of being honest and fair
cry wolfphrasemake people think there is danger when there is none
be straight with someonebe honest with someone
level with someonephrasespeak honestly
give you the lowdownphrasetell you true information; tell you the facts