Daily Life - Baby Talk(0118)

A:  Honey, the baby is up again.
B:  It's your turn! I went last night.
A:  Fine! Hello widdle baby! Why are you crying widdle baby? Oh, I see, you made a doo-doo!
B:  What's going on hun? Why is the baby crying?
A:  The widdle baby made a doo -doo!
B:  What a good boy! Lets get this icky diaper off you.
A:  Looky what I have here! Mickey Mouse jammies! oopsie-daisy! Did the widdle baby just tinkle all over daddy?
B:  Yes he did! Yes he did! You just made a wee wee all over daddy!
A:  Hold still while I change this yucky diaper.
C:  What going on in here?
A:  Oh look it's nana! Say hi to nana!
C:  He's so adorable! I could just eat him up!
A:  Ok, say bye to nana! Time to go beddy - bye!

Key Vocabulary

doo-doocommon noun, singularsolid waste discharged from body (informal)
your turnphrasean opportunity or responsibility to do something
widdleAdjectivelittle (baby talk)
ickyAdjectivegross, disgusting (baby talk)
diapercommon noun, singulara piece of cloth used as underwear that holds body waste
jammiescommon noun, pluralpajamas (informal)
tinkleprinciple verb, present simpleto urinate (informal)
wee weecommon noun, singularurine (informal)
hold stillprinciple verb, imperativedon't move
yuckyAdjectivegross, disgusting (informal)
nanacommon noun, singulargrandma (informal)
I could just eat (something) upphraseto enjoy something greatly (informal)
beddy-byeprinciple verb, infinitivego to sleep (informal)
oopsie-daisyInterjectionoops; (an informal interjection when a mistake is

Supplementary Vocabulary

din-dincommon noun, non-variabledinner (informal; childish)
binkiecommon noun, singularsoother; pacifier; a thing you put in a baby's mouth for it to suck (childish)
booboocommon noun, singulara small injury; something that hurts (informal, childish)
pottycommon noun, singulartoilet (informal; childish)
babacommon noun, singularbottle (informal; childish)