The Weekend - Being Scared(0119)

Shabby:  Eddie, why are we at this scary looking mansion? It's like, ultra spooky!
Eddie:  I told you already Shabby, the owner of the house says there is a ghost haunting his house so we have to go in and investigate.
Scruffy puffy poo:  I don't like this!
Wilma:  Come on guys, stop being such cowards. It's a mystery and an adventure!
Shabby:  This place gives me the creeps! Seriously guys, let's get out of here! I'm getting goosebumps just being here!
Scruffy:  Shabby is a scaredy cat!
Wilma:  That laugh came from this room. Let's go and check it out.
Eddie:  Look! A ghost! Run!

Key Vocabulary

spookyAdjectivestrange and a little frightening
scary lookingAdjectivefrightening in appearance
scaredy catcommon noun, singularsomeone who is always scared of things
cowardcommon noun, singularsomeone who is too afraid to do what is right
goosebumpscommon noun, pluralsmall bumps on your skin caused by fear, cold, exc
hauntverb(a ghost) lives or visit a place
investigateverbto try and get information about something
mansioncommon noun, singulara very large house

Supplementary Vocabulary

supernaturalAdjectiveunable to be explained by science
terrifyingAdjectiveextremly scary
creepyAdjectivestrange or scary (informal)
creep (someone) outphrasemake someone scared and uncomfortable
chillingAdjectivevery disturbing or frightening