The Weekend - Boxing(0120)

A:  Welcome back, boxing fans! My name is Rick Fields, and here with me is the man with an iron jaw, Bob Copeland.
B:  Thank you, Rick! We are coming to you live from Las Vegas! We're in the beautiful MGM Grand Hotel and Casino where the world heavyweight championship is about to get under way!
A:  That's right Bob! We are about to witness the legendary Italian Stallion himself, Rocky Balboa, square off against his lifetime rival, Apollo Creed! This will be a gruesome match for sure.
B:  Both fighters are in the ring, and we are about to begin.
C:  In the blue corner, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, the former heavyweight champion of the world, "The Master of Disaster", the one and only, Apollo Creed! In the red corner, weighing two hundred and eighteen pounds and with a record of forty-seven wins and thirty-seven knockouts, the undefeated, undisputed, heavyweight champion of the world, the "Italian Stallion", Rocky Balboa!
A:  There is the bell and this fight is underway! Apollo quickly attacks Rocky with quick strong jabs! Rocky dodges successfully and counterattacks with a strong right hook!
B:  Apollo is cut! Rocky landed a strong blow to his right eyebrow and cut him!
A:  This is his chance! Rocky quickly throws a left, right, another left! Apollo is getting pounded!
B:  Apollo recovers with a powerful haymaker and catches Rocky off guard! He's down! the ref starts the count!
C:  1,2,3,4,5,.....

Key Vocabulary

gruesomeAdjectivecauses horror or disgust
square offprinciple verb, present simpleto prepare to fight
landprinciple verb, present simpleland
dodgesprinciple verb, present simpleavoid being hit by something
poundedprinciple verb, past simplehit hard multiple times

Supplementary Vocabulary

mouth guardcommon noun, singulara plastic protective piece placed inside the mouth to protect the teeth
trunkscommon noun, pluralshorts worn for swimming or athletics
jock strapcommon noun, singularan elasticated belt with a pouch to support the genitals, worn by male athletes
head buttcommon noun, singulara quick strong blow with the head
low blowcommon noun, singularan ilegal blow below the waist