Daily Life - Supermarket Cashier(0122)

A:  Excuse me sir, this is the express check-out lane for people that have fifteen items or fewer. It looks like you have more than fifteen items there.
B:  Oh, come on! I have sixteen items! Cut me some slack, will ya?
A:  Fine! Please place your items on the belt and push your shopping cart through. Do you prefer paper or plastic?
B:  Plastic. I also have a couple of coupons.
A:  No problem, I'll take those. Sir, these coupons expired yesterday.
B:  Darn! Oh, well. I guess it's just not my day. Thanks anyway.
A:  Do you have a club card or will it be cash?
B:  Yeah I got a club card. Here you go.
A:  Will this be debit or credit?
B:  Debit please. Also, could I get cash back? Fifty dollars would be great.
A:  Yeah, sure. Your total is seventy-eight dollars and thirty-three cents. Here is your receipt. Have a nice day.

Key Vocabulary

it is just not my dayphrasea lot of bad things happened to me today
cash backcommon noun, non-variablecharging more money to your card in order to receive cash back
cut me some slackphrasedon't be so strict, bend the rules
expireprinciple verb, past simpleto no longer be valid after a period of time
check-out lanecommon noun, singularthe place you line up to pay for the things you want

Supplementary Vocabulary

Stockprinciple verb, present simpleTo supply (a shop) with merchandise.
Warehousecommon noun, singulara place where goods are stored prior to their sale or distribution
Poultrycommon noun, singularDomestic birds, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, or geese, raised for meat or eggs.
Bag boycommon noun, singularA person, usually a teenager that works at a supermarket and places groceries that a person buys in plastic or paper bags
Bar codecommon noun, singularan arrangement of numbers and parallel lines on a package, which can be electronically scanned at a checkout to give the price of the goods