The Weekend - 1990's(0123)

A:  Hey four-eyes! What's up man, how have you been?
B:  Not bad, just went to the mall and picked up some junk. Check out my new Adidas!
A:  Those are dope! You are gonna be getting mad props from the gang, man. Anyways, have you seen Betty lately?
B:  Dude, don't even go there. That girl started trippin' cuz I went to the movies with Veronica the other day. I was like "look, you knew how I was before you got with me".
A:  That's right! Your such a playa, man. Dude, there's Mad Max. Let's go say hi.
B:  Max! Whassup! Are you okay? You look like you just saw a ghost.
C:  I got an F in English class. My life is over...
A:  Dude, get over it! You need to lay off the books for a while and have some fun! Come on, let's bounce.
C:  Where are we going? Oh, crap. My dad is gonna go postal when he finds out about this.
A:  I'm gonna open a can of whopass on you if you don't come with me now!
C:  Okay, okay. Geez...

Key Vocabulary

mad propscommon noun, singularrecognition (informal)
trippingprinciple verb, present progressivebeing agitated, upset
bounceprinciple verb, present simpleinformal of saying let's go
go postalprinciple verb, Going to Futureto act violently or aggressively
I was likephrasean informal way to introduce a piece of dialogue
What's upphraseWhat's up (informal)

Supplementary Vocabulary

All that and a bag a chipsphraseSlang way of saying; I'm the best and more
Bling-Blingphrasewearing gold or precious stones
The BombphraseSomething is cool, it's great
My BadphraseExpression used to say my mistake or I'm sorry
I'm down with thatphraseThat sounds good to me, I agree