Daily Life - No Smoking! (0125)

A:  It smells like an ashtray in here!
B:  Hi honey! What's wrong? Why do you have that look on your face?
A:  What's wrong? I thought we agreed that you were gonna quit smoking.
B:  No! I said I was going to cut down which is very different. You can't just expect me to go cold turkey overnight!
A:  Look, there are other ways to quit. You can try the nicotine patch, or nicotine chewing gum. We spend a fortune on cigarettes every month and now laws are cracking down and not allowing smoking in any public place. It's not like you can just light up like before.
B:  I know, I know. I am trying but, I don't have the willpower to just quit. I can't fight with the urge to reach for my pack of smokes in the morning with coffee or after lunch! Please understand?
A:  Fine! I want a divorce!

Key Vocabulary

pack of smokescommon noun, singulara box of cigarettes
urgecommon noun, singulara strong impulse, inner drive, or yearning
light upphraseto start smoking a cigarette
willpowercommon noun, singularthe strength of mind to carry out a decision
nicotine chewing gumcommon noun, singulargum that slowly releases nicotine into the body
crack downphraseTo act more forcefully to regulate or repress
cold turkeyphraseImmediate, complete withdrawal from something
nicotine patchcommon noun, singulara patch that slowly releases nicotine into the body
ashtraycommon noun, singularA receptacle for tobacco ashes and cigarettes and cigars
cut downprinciple verb, present simplereduce he amount taken or used

Supplementary Vocabulary

dragcommon noun, singularsmoking a cigarette once, a puff, share a cigar with someone
tarcommon noun, singularA solid, sticky substance that remains when tobacco is burned. It accumulates in the lungs of smokers and is considered carcinogenic.
lightercommon noun, singularA mechanical device for lighting a cigarette, cigar, or pipe.
matchcommon noun, singulara thin strip of wood or cardboard tipped with a chemical that ignites when scraped against a rough or specially treated surface
stogiecommon noun, singularinformal of saying cigarette
buttcommon noun, singularthe end of the cigarette which contains the filter and is placed in the mouth to smoke