The Weekend - I Love That Song!(0127)

Host:  Welcome back, music lovers, to "I Love That Song"! The game show where we test your musical knowledge to the extreme! Let's get started! Team A... Guess this tune:
Team A:  Carrying Your Love With Me by George Straight! The genre is country music!
Host:  You are right! one hundred points to team A! Now, for our next cut.
Team B:  Thong Song by Sisqo! I believe the genre is R&B?
Host:  One hundred big points for team B! For all our viewers the acronym R&B stands for Rhythm and Blues. On that note, DJ, play our next song!
Team B:  Superstar by The Carpenters!
Host:  And the genre?
Team B:  Um... Um... Adult Contemporary?
Host:  That's right! A hundred points! Uh oh! That sound means it's double or nothing! The songs are more difficult and the points are doubled! Let's hear our next song!
Team A:  Too easy! That song is Kinslayer by the Finnish power metal group, Nightwish!
Host:  You are correct! Very impressive team A! And it seems we have a tie! It's time now for the tie-breaker round! Each team will be played three songs and they must tell us the genre of each song in less than five seconds! Team A, are you ready?
Team A:  Ready!
Host:  Let's hear it!
Team A:  Hip Hop, Classical and Gothic metal!
Host:  You are right! Team B, the pressure is on, if you get all of them right, we will move on to sudden death. If you miss one, you lose! DJ, Let's hear it!
Team B:  Rap, Disco and... and...

Key Vocabulary

genrecommon noun, singulara kind of literary or artistic work
acronymcommon noun, singularabbreviations
sudden deathcommon noun, singularextra ime to determine a winner after a tie
the pressure is onphrasethe outcome or result depends on you
double or nothingphraseused when you want to bet twice as much

Supplementary Vocabulary

air guitarcommon noun, singularwhen a person pretends to play the guitar when listening to music
a capellaAdjectiveto sing without any instruments or music
encorecommon noun, singulara demand by an audience for an additional performance at the end of a concert
choruscommon noun, singulara part of a song repeated after each verse
hitcommon noun, singulara person or thing that gains wide appeal or fame