Daily Life - What if? Part 1(0131)

A:  Okay, next question. If Eric asked you out on a date, what would you say?
B:  Duh! I would say yes! Eric is the most popular kid in school! Okay, my turn. What would you do if you won the lottery?
A:  Let's see.... If I won the lottery, I would buy two tickets for a trip around the world.
B:  If you buy me a ticket I will go with you for sure!
A:  My dad will freak out if I even mention a trip like that!
B:  Alright this is a good one. What would your mom say if you told her you are going to get married?
A:  If I told her that, she would faint and have me committed!

Key Vocabulary

freak outprinciple verb, first conditionalto lose one's nerve, become suddenly anxious
ask (someone) outprinciple verb, past simpleto request a date
commitprinciple verb, second conditionalput in a mental hospital
get marriedprinciple verb, Going to Futureto join in marriage
datecommon noun, singulara romantic meeting

Supplementary Vocabulary

be in your shoesphraseto be in the place of someone
sleepovercommon noun, singularAn instance of spending the night as a guest at another's home.
hypotheticalAdjectiveSuppositional; uncertain
gossipcommon noun, singularRumor or talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature.
daydreamprinciple verb, present simpleTo have dreamlike musings or fantasies while awake.