Daily Life - Doing Laundry(0133)

A:  Ok, let's go through this one more time. I don't want anymore ruined or dyed blouses!
B:  I know, I know. OK, so I have to separate the colors from the whites and put them in this strange looking contraption so called washing machine.
A:  Right. You have to turn it on and program it depending on what type of clothes you are washing. For example for delicates, you should set a shorter washing cycle. Also, be sure to use fabric softener and this detergent when washing.
B:  So complicated! Ok, what about this red wine stain? How do I get it out?
A:  Since this is a white t-shirt, you can just pour a little bit of bleach on it and it will do the trick.
B:  Cool. Then I can just throw everything in the dryer for an hour and its all set right?
A:  No! Since you are washing delicates and cotton, you should set the dryer to medium heat and for twenty minutes.
B:  You know what? I'll just have everything dry cleaned.

Key Vocabulary

dyeprinciple verb, past simpleto change the color of (something, such as hair or clothing
contraptioncommon noun, singularmachine
do the trickphraseaccomplish the desired task
all setphraseready, prepared
dry cleanprinciple verb, past simplea way to clean clothes without water.

Supplementary Vocabulary

laundromatcommon noun, singularplace with washing machines and dryers, usually coin-operated and self-service
ironprinciple verb, present simpleTo press and smooth clothes with a heated iron
starchprinciple verb, present simpleto stiffen clothes with a chemical compund
clotheslinecommon noun, singularA cord, rope, or wire on which clothes may be hung to dry or air
clothes hampercommon noun, singularbasket or space where dirty clothes are put