Daily Life - Buying a TV(0134)

A:  Seriously, I don't know why we need to get a new TV.
B:  Honey I told you already. I can't appreciate the graphics level and detail of the games on my Playstation 3 on our old TV.
C:  Good afternoon folks! How can I be of service today?
B:  I'm looking to upgrade to a newer, bigger television set.
C:  You've come to the right place! What size are you looking for?
A:  Just a normal sized TV for our living room.
C:  I see. Well this set here is on sale. It's a forty six inch HDTV screen and has all the works. Three HDMI connectors, USB, VGA and S - Video ports. It even has a DVI port so you can hook up your PC or laptop! This is without a doubt the complete home theater experience!
B:  This is exactly what I need! Can you imagine watching movies or playing video games on this thing?
A:  Honey, I think it's a bit too big. I don't even think it will fit in our living room.
C:  Not to worry, we will deliver and install it in your home. It comes with a wall mount so you can just hang it on the wall like a picture!
B:  This is great! How much will this set me back?
C:  Lucky for you, this is the last one we have in stock so it's half off!
B:  I'll take it!

Key Vocabulary

appreciateprinciple verb, present simpleto be grateful for (something)
upgradeprinciple verb, infinitiveget something better, more modern, more useful
hook upprinciple verb, present simpleconnect
set me backphrasecost
the worksphrasethe best things offered

Supplementary Vocabulary

projectorcommon noun, singularA machine for projecting an image onto a screen or other surface.
plug inphraseTo connect (an appliance) to an electrical outlet.
speakercommon noun, singulara device that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance
remote controlcommon noun, singularA device used to control an apparatus or machine from a distance.
cable televisioncommon noun, singulara television service in which the subscriber's television is connected to a central receiver by cable