Daily Life - Cheer Up(0135)

A:  Ok... I'll talk to you later. Bye
B:  Carrie, are you ok? You seem a bit down.
A:  I just got off the phone with my boyfriend. He is always getting upset and losing his temper over nothing. It's so hard to talk to him at times.
B:  Maybe it's just that he is stressed out from work or something. He does have a pretty nerve wracking job you know.
A:  Yeah but, he is always in a really foul mood. I try to find out what's bothering him or get him to talk about his day but, he always shuts down and brushes me off.
B:  Men are like that you know. They can feel nervous, anxious or on edge and the only way they can express it is by trying to hide it through aggressiveness.
A:  I guess you are right. What do you think I should do? He wasn't always this grouchy you know...
B:  Talk to him, try to cheer him up when he is down and if that doesn't work, I say get rid of him and get a new one!
A:  You are something else you know that?

Key Vocabulary

downAdjectivesad or unhappy
stress outprinciple verb, past simpleto feel very worried or anxious
nerve wrackingAdjectivecausing a person to feel very nervous
brush me offprinciple verb, present simplerefuse to talk about something with someone
cheer upprinciple verb, infinitiveto make (someone) happier

Supplementary Vocabulary

down in the dumpsphrasefeeling sad, not happy
have the bluesphrasehaving sad feelings or emotions
rattledprinciple verb, past simpleto fluster, unnerve
grinds my gearsphrasemakes me angry, upsets me
pissed offphraseupset, very angry