Daily Life - Getting Internet Service(0137)

A:  Welcome to Galanet. How can I help you?
B:  Hi. I would like to get an internet plan for my house.
A:  Of course. We have three different plans with different prices you can choose from. The first one is the cheapest but most basic plan which is thirty dollars a month. This is for broadband internet with a download speed of five hundred and twelve kbps.
B:  I have no idea what kbps means. I just want to be able to get online, play games and chat with my friends. Oh, and watch movies online as well.
A:  Well, this connection might be a bit too slow for your needs. I suggest you get the premium package for fifty dollars a month which includes a connection speed of two megabytes. That way you can play games online without any lag. This package also includes a wireless router and a personal firewall absolutely free!
B:  Do I have to pay an installation fee?
A:  Lucky for you, this month we aren't charging our normal installation fee. You are saving yourself 100 bucks right there! And we'll throw in this pen drive!
B:  Awesome!

Key Vocabulary

downloadcommon noun, non-variableact of transferring data between computers
(someone's) needsphrasean individual's necessary requirements
wirelessAdjectivenot using wires to send and receive data
firewallcommon noun, singulardevice used to protect a computer against intruders
broadband internetphrasefast internet connection
throw inphraseto offer for free
installationcommon noun, non-variableprocess of making ready for use
lagcommon noun, non-variablea delay
onlineGeneral Adverbover the internet

Supplementary Vocabulary

cable Internetphraseform of broadband internet service delivered over cable television network, relatively fast
digital subscriber lineform of broadband internet service delivered over telephone network, relatively slow
modemcommon noun, singulara device that allows data to be transferred between individual computers and networks
antivirus softwarephrasesoftware which detects harmful viruses on a computer