Daily Life - Buying a Computer(0140)

Customer:  So can you fix it?
Sales Clerk:  I'm sorry sir. This computer is not broken or damaged. It's simply just too old! That's why your programs and applications are running slow. There really isn't much I can do.
Customer:  What do you mean? I bought this computer just three years ago!
Sales Clerk:  Yes, but technology is ever changing and technology is becoming obsolete faster and faster!
Customer:  Ok, I know where this is going. How much will it cost me to get a new computer?
Sales Clerk:  Well, this desktop over here is our latest model. It has a four gigahertz processor with sixteen gigabytes in RAM and a hard disk with one terabyte. Of course, it includes a mouse, keyboard and desk speakers.
Customer:  I have no idea what you are talking about. I just want to know if it's good and if I will be able to play solitaire without the computer crashing or freezing all the time!
Sales Clerk:  This PC is top of the line and I guarantee it will never freeze! If it does, we'll give you your money back!

Key Vocabulary

I have no ideaphraseto be completely unaware of something
freezeprinciple verb, present simpleto suddenly stop functioning
where (something) is goingphrasethe direction of an event
ever changingphrasealways becoming different
obsoleteAdjectiveno longer useful
programcommon noun, singulara computer application
gigabytecommon noun, pluralunit to measure a computer's storage capacity
random access memorypart of computer that temporarily stores informati
hard diskphrasepart of computer that stores data
gigahertzcommon noun, non-variablemeasurement of computer processor speed
processorcommon noun, singulardevice in a computer that manages operations
crashprinciple verb, present progressiveto suddenly stop functioning
guaranteeprinciple verb, present simpleto make a written promise

Supplementary Vocabulary

warrantycommon noun, singulara written promise that a seller will repair a product if a problem arises
laptopcommon noun, singulara portable computer
networkcommon noun, singulara system for communicating between computers
evolveverbto change into a more advanced state
wireless modemcommon noun, singulara device that allows computers to communicate without wires