Daily Life - What If? Part 2(0141)

A:  This is the good life! We have it good don't you think?
B:  Yeah of course! Although, don't you ever wonder what "could have been"?
A:  What do you mean?
B:  Well, sometimes I think of how things could have turned out if I had done things a little differently.
A:  For example?
B:  Like for example, if I hadn't studied architecture, I would have become an artist like I wanted to.
A:  I see. Yeah now that I think of it, I wouldn't have gotten married if I hadn't moved to this town and met Sally.
B:  You see! Everything happens for a reason! We wouldn't even have met if I hadn't been in that car accident ten years ago!
A:  Well, I have no regrets!
B:  I'll drink to that!

Key Vocabulary

turn outphraseto end up like
wonderprinciple verb, present simpleto think about
now that I think of itphraseused to express a realization
regretcommon noun, pluralto feel sad or sorry about something
good lifephrasea happy and relaxed life
could have beenphrasean alternative scenario
architecturecommon noun, non-variablethe art and science of designing buildings
accidentcommon noun, singulara sudden event that is not planned

Supplementary Vocabulary

architectcommon noun, singulara person who designs buildings
wreckverbto ruin or destroy something (like a car)
remorsecommon noun, non-variablea feeling of guilt
ponderverbto think deeply about something
reminisceverbto think fondly about the past