The Weekend - What Do I Wear? (0142)

A:  Honey come on! We are going to be late! Honestly, you take longer getting ready than I do!
B:  I was drying my hair and ironing my shirt! Can you come here for a sec? I need your help.
A:  What is it? Why are all these clothes on the bed?
B:  I don't know what to wear! Ok, give me your opinion. Do you like the way this looks? The striped short sleeved shirt with this checkered sweater and my lucky sandals. I like the cut and hemline of these shorts so I think I'll wear these as well.
A:  Are you joking? What am I going to do with you? We are going to a dinner party not the beach! Wear the shirt with the silk tie I bought you and these corduroy pants. It's chilly outside so you can wear this coat.
B:  Thanks honey! You have such great fashion sense. Now, what am I going to do with my hair?

Key Vocabulary

dinner partyphrasean event where you eat at a friend's house
hemlinecommon noun, singularthe line formed by the lower edge of clothing
fashion sensephrasean idea for what clothing looks good
checkeredAdjectivea pattern with alternating squares
stripedAdjectivehaving stripes or bands of color
sandalcommon noun, plurala type of footwear with open toes
cutcommon noun, singularthe shape and style of a piece of clothing
corduroycommon noun, non-variablea ribbed cotton clothing material

Supplementary Vocabulary

sneakerscommon noun, non-variablecasual tennis shoes
polka dotcommon noun, singulara fabric pattern with many circles
denimcommon noun, non-variablea type of fabric used to make jeans
out of fashionphraseused to describe something that is no longer popular
tailorcommon noun, singulara person who makes clothes, adjusts the fit