Daily Life - The Butcher(0143)

Butcher:  Hi. What can I get for you?
Gina:  I’d like a half a pound of ground beef, please.
Butcher:  Good choice! Our ground beef is extra lean, if you know what I mean.
Gina:  Could I also have half a dozen pork chops and two pounds of boneless chicken breasts?
Butcher:  No, no no no chicken breasts at the moment, but we have some nice chicken thighs.
Gina:  No, that won't do. I'll take this smoked ham you have here.
Butcher:  Okay, is there anything else?
Gina:  Do you have any other cold cuts? Is this salami and bologna you have here?
Butcher:  Yes! It's very fine meat! Made it myself...
Gina:  Sounds good. Okay, that's it.
Butcher:  Wait! We have T-bone, rib eye, and sirloin steaks. They are very fresh! Just came from the slaughter house...
Gina:  Mmm... No that's okay, really. I think that's all for today.
Butcher:  Okay. That will be thirty-four dollars and fifty cents.

Key Vocabulary

ground beefcommon noun, non-variablebeef that has been put through a grinder
if you know what I meanphraseused to express the listener is aware of something that is assumed to be known
leanAdjectivehaving a low fat content
pork chopcommon noun, plurala cut of pork in a individual size
chicken breastcommon noun, pluralthe meaty breast portion of a chicken
bonelessAdjectivewith the bones removed
chicken thighcommon noun, pluralthe upper leg portion of meat on a chicken
smoked hamcommon noun, singulara ham which has been seasoned with smoke
cold cutsphrasecold cooked meat, used for sandwiches
salamicommon noun, non-variablespicy dry sausage
bolognacommon noun, non-variablewide sausage that is sliced
T-bonecommon noun, singulara thick piece of beef with a T shaped bone in it
rib eyecommon noun, singulara tender cut of beef from the outer side of the ri
slaughter housecommon noun, singularthe place where animals are killed for their meat
sirloincommon noun, non-variablea piece of beef from lower back of the cow
steakcommon noun, plurala slice of beef

Supplementary Vocabulary

turkeycommon noun, non-variablea type of meat from a large bird, similar to chicken
hot dogcommon noun, singulara type of small sausage
cleavercommon noun, singulara type of knife a butcher uses
chopping blockcommon noun, singularthe table that a butcher works on
butcher papercommon noun, non-variablethe waxy paper a butcher uses to wrap meat in