Global View - Animal Rights(0146)

A:  You should have seen the T.V. show that was on last night, the topic it covered was really interesting; animal rights.
B:  Do you really believe in that? If they are going to focus on something, they should do it on civil rights.
A:  Yes, but we can’t deny that animals are vulnerable, defenseless, and are completely at the mercy of human beings.
B:  I understand your point, but we continue to have transgressions against human rights. If so much attention weren’t devoted to the topic of animals, we would then concentrate more on saving a human being instead of protecting a koala.
A:  You can’t compare apples and oranges; I believe that both topics are important and that we can’t ignore them, the mistreatment of animals can cause a great environmental imbalance.I believe that governments should prohibit activities like poaching.
B:  Well, you are right on that point. This is the reason that I don’t buy leather and I try to buy synthetic products.
B:  At least you’re doing your part. My contribution is to have a pet in the house that I treat like a member of the family.
A:  As long as you don’t treat it better than your wife, it’s fine.

Key Vocabulary

civil rightsphrasethe rights people have
vulnerableAdjectiveeasily hurt or harmed
at the mercy ofphrasein a position where you can be harmed
transgressioncommon noun, pluralsomething that is not allowed
apples and orangesphrasean unfair comparison of two different things
poachprinciple verb, present progressiveto illegally hunt protected animals
syntheticAdjectivenot natural
do your partphraseto help accomplish a goal

Supplementary Vocabulary

biodegradableAdjectivecapable of being decomposed by natural means
droughtcommon noun, singulara prolonged period of time during which no rain falls
faminecommon noun, singulara severe shortage of food
biospherecommon noun, singularthe part of the earth's surface and atmosphere inhabited by living things
cloningcommon noun, singulara general term for the research activity that creates a copy of some biological entity