Daily Life - The Argument (C0147)

A:  Wow, that terrible movie is finally over. Next time I'm picking the film, because I don't want to end up seeing a chick flick.
B:  Well you should have picked, in the end you always complain about everything.
A:  Not everything, just this film. Even the title is ridiculous; and it's so long, those are the two and a half most wasted hours of my life, so much so that I'm thinking about asking them to give me my money back.
B:  I'm thinking of taking you back home. I thought we could have a nice evening, but you're always so negative.
A:  I'm only complaining about a movie that I could have rented or bought and then thrown in the garbage.
B:  You see, that's what I'm talking about, I can't stand your sarcastic jokes anymore
A:  Next time, go with your gay friend who is more in touch with his feelings.
B:  Well he's more of a man than you are; at least he appreciates love stories.
A:  Love? More like one-night-stands.
B:  Don't criticize Mario or else I'll start on those fat, drunk friends of yours; they're no saints.
A:  My friends? Fat? What about those whales you call friends?
B:  You're unbearable; you can walk home, I'm leaving.

Key Vocabulary

chick flicka film that appeals to women
sarcasticthe use of words to show irritation
in touch withto be in close contact with
one-night-standa random and temporary romantic encounter
criticizeto express disapproval
unbearabletoo bad to be accepted or endured

Supplementary Vocabulary

intolerabletoo bad to be accepted or endured
chauvinistPrejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender, group, or kind
make fun ofTo mock; ridicule.
bragto speak arrogantly and boastfully
discussto consider (something) by talking it over

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